Friday, August 8, 2008


this is exciting! my little bird has found a new home! it was a complete surprise to me that she was wanted by a wonderful lady named Bernice who had to have little bird for her collection. I am so pleased that little bird will have a nice new lady to keep her company! She also asked me to make another bird for her as a remembrance for her daughter..i am honoured to do so :)
so i had to make a pay pal account to do this transaction..all new to me and a little overwhelming but i did it,now i am about to have my own etsy shop soon
i have to get over my fears and just do it..i think that i needed a little shove to do this and i have to thank little bird..and Bernice
any advice on selling on Etsy would be most welcomed..

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Bernie said...

Well Heather you did it sweetie, you just keep making what you do best and you won't have to worry about anything else. It will happen for you. I've picked winners before and so far I've never been wrong.
Your blog post was very sweet, just like you.