Monday, August 18, 2008

happy monday!

Back to school for my daughter..uggg i cant believe she is in her first year of highschool already..where has the time gone? This is the first time she worried what her hair looked like before she went this morning and she even asked me to help her with it! i remember the days when what was her recess snack was more important or if she could bring her favorite beanie baby to school with her so she would not be scared..the beanie baby was a bribe from me so she would go in the door on her first day of a purse has replaced the "back pack" and can i wear makeup?
(no she cant yet...another year maybe) :) for every new school year she has brought her beanie baby to school,im not sure if it went today with her ..i suppose ill have o sneak it in her "purse" tomorrow so it will experience high school with her even if its for one day...its just the "mommy" in me i guess..I love you Molly...sigh


wyanne said...

My son started high school too. He checked his hair six times before we could leave. I've never seen him so nervous. So, did she have the beanie baby? Love, Wyanne

H.D. Campbell said...

yes she did!

yvette said...

maybe is this my second comment, something went wrong, But I said: sneaking bags anymore!!!I don't have children but I think I can imagin (imagine?) your feelings..knufs yvette

Susan said...

First, thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog. Yes, going to Sweden and meeting some of my "blogging buddies" was wonderful. Sara Lechner is even more amazing in person than she is on-line...which, as you know, is pretty awesome! I've very much enjoyed reading your recent blog posts. Memories of Beanie Babies are special to me too!

H.D. Campbell said...

thankyou Susan for stopping by and for you nice comments!