Monday, August 11, 2008

colours and textures

I am a blue/green colour addict.. i cant help it, they are the colours I'm drawn too
every time i pick up a paint brush to paint they are the first colours i reach for
Its same with beads and fibers..threads...I think i work better with these than others,don't get me wrong i use allot of others too but just find that blue and green easier..things just "happen" unplanned image's appear. This painting i did the other day was like that, I was experimenting with silk and wool and i had a background already painted onto a canvas, when i first layed down the fibers the canvas was in a different position..lengthwise and i was quite happy with how it was coming out..I took a little break to get some coffee and while i was looking down i tilted my head just to see what would appear..i seen a woman so i turned the canvas around and there she was..a spot just waiting for a face and a flowing dress was already there..the painting has water colors,ink and arcylic paints and is finnished with glows and has a raised texture with the fibers i wish you can see it in person
She reminds me of the ocean and her hair is like stands of seaweed and she looks like she is she is called "Ocean Dreamer'


Esteemarlu said...

It's nice to meet you and thanks for the friend request. Your art is very beautiful and yes, that piece does remind me of the ocean.Stop by and visit my blog sometime.

H.D. Campbell said...

thanks for stopping by and your kind comments

RowanDevoe said...

Wow! I love your new piece! I am addicted to all things blue and green-they just make me feel peaceful and happy-like I am home. Your work really inspires me. Please stop by my blog to pick up an award to thank you!