Sunday, July 27, 2008

what are blissful things?

Well to me many things are or can be blissful..most of the time its the simple little things in life that let you pause and reflect on them. A book you really enjoy and you cannot put it down

A beautiful little bird that comes to land on your deck while you look out the window and stays just long enough for you to get a real good look at it and you smile while it skips around looking for little bugs to eat or to take back to its nest..

For me today its just a relaxing sunday afternoon with nothing and nowhere special to go ,im just going to sort through some arty things i have going and tidy up so i can get a good start on some work tomorrow,i have so many ideas in my head i have to write them down so i dont forget lol

some days its like that a million ideas then some days just a few or none.
ill have to finnish my little bird and show you later on
hope all of you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My picture size was way to big in my other post! But i have figured it out now..i think :) these are beads made from tyvek

if you are from creative souls these are the beads to be in the draw!

Testing the video options..coolness!

Beadwork Pictures

I have managed to take a few pics of some beadwork,Its a new camera so im still learning how it works so please bear with me ill get it right soon enough :)

This peice was done with the embellisher for the background hand dyed silk fibers and scrims on a hand painted background cloth,I love working with fibers and beads, Some of the beads are 10c gold and crystals

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone and welcome to Blissful Things!
I have so many things to put onto this blog,its overwhelming and new to me and a little scary!
I have read so many wonderful blogs by other artists and have taken the plunge to get myself out there and to share my art with all of you..i hope you will enjoy!