Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back to blogging

Now that i have my phone in the right frame of mind i can blog again!
My computer died so this is all i have to work with!


Test post from my android

Monday, October 17, 2011

Automatic Journal

Automatic writing journal..what is it you ask? A place to write thoughts good and bad ,doubts and wishes. To do or not to do lists or pretty much anything floating around your head that will probably not make sense to anyone but you. A journal to express those repressed purge your mind so you can think more clear and move on. The journal I'm using is a hand bound one with watercolor and stone henge papers hand sewn with a codex binding so it will lay flat and has the look of a Coptic bound book but much faster to make...Try some automatic writing for yourself its quite freeing!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My paper stacks

Hi everyone! here is my paper stack.Included in the stack are little booklets,watercolor papers waiting to be bound ,journals and rice paper scrolls.I hope you leave a small comment so i know you've been here..I'm looking forward to seeing yours!
 To see who else is participating go to Seth's blog at The Altered Page

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Paper Stacks

I'm looking forward to September 21st...
My Face book friend Seth Apter from The Altered Page posted a beautiful picture last week of a stack of papers and books.When I seen this I thought how just a simple picture could be so powerful .The papers all painted,one group tied with a ribbon were inviting to look at,If you were able to unstack them I'm sure you would find many little treasures.That made me think of how many artists have their own stacks of papers on tables,book selves and desks and I know that they would be just as interesting to see so I made a comment or blurted out a suggestion to him for us to share ours with him and all of you,He is very kind and agreed so please go to his site and join in! Get stacking!

Monday, September 12, 2011

pattern repeats

Hand painted pattern repeats on rice paper..This is what i set out to do this past weekend why i don't know!I had a thought run through my head, a challenge of sorts.I wanted to experiment with rice paper
(Kozo ) I have a roll of it and boy its wonderful! Its soft to the touch yet strong to work with
The idea of repeat patterns for me is a way to create something unique in mark making in small easy steps.I hope to develop a personal motif that i can use as a stamp for my other works like a signature
When I did this this weekend i tried hard not to think of where i was going to put my first mark or what kind,I used watercolors they themselves have a mind of their own so that helped allot.
One dot on the paper with my brush and the color spread followed by another...
I did fold my rice paper into grids so i would have a guideline to follow and just repeated up and down the paper and letting my mind wonder...try this yourself use whatever papers you wish, you will see how your own unique mark will show up over a short time

Monday, August 29, 2011

Doodle map

Thought I would share a little project with you! This morning i was going through some paper i had stashed and found a few sheets of ingress paper,Ive never tried it with watercolors and thought what the heck lets give it a whirl! I tore down a sheet into small pieces and splashed watercolors on and let the color flow where it wanted and let it dry

I came back a little bit later and took a long look and thought that it kinda looked like a map..hmmm
What if I outlined all the little shapes of color?  I grabbed my favorite pen and just went with it... I did not really think about it to much I just started at one corner and doodled away and sipped my coffee :)

This was allot of fun i think ill have to do some more but bigger! and include some hand stitching to add texture.You can use whatever colors that appeal to you and doodle what you see I think that's the best part of it everyone see's something different..have fun :)

doodle map