Monday, August 29, 2011

Doodle map

Thought I would share a little project with you! This morning i was going through some paper i had stashed and found a few sheets of ingress paper,Ive never tried it with watercolors and thought what the heck lets give it a whirl! I tore down a sheet into small pieces and splashed watercolors on and let the color flow where it wanted and let it dry

I came back a little bit later and took a long look and thought that it kinda looked like a map..hmmm
What if I outlined all the little shapes of color?  I grabbed my favorite pen and just went with it... I did not really think about it to much I just started at one corner and doodled away and sipped my coffee :)

This was allot of fun i think ill have to do some more but bigger! and include some hand stitching to add texture.You can use whatever colors that appeal to you and doodle what you see I think that's the best part of it everyone see's something different..have fun :)

doodle map

Monday, August 22, 2011


Loving watercolors! ...Playing and experimenting  I'm finding out new things everyday.
The more you experiment the more you learn on your own.Even mistakes are a good thing!
Give yourself some time to really enjoy a new medium,figure out what you like what colors speak to you and heck even try some that you really don't care for at first they may surprise you!
This has been a good summer experiment so to make these papers into a book :)
I do have a facebook friend who loves watercolors as much as I do she is preparing for a workshop with them and you should jump on over to her blog and have a look. I have noticed her and i are very like minded and I'm starting to think shes my watercolor sister lol! Her name is Diana Trout and shes awesome!
Here are a few pics of just some of my little experiments

stacks of papers

not always pretty

Temple Wave (Japan)