Monday, August 4, 2008

been away..

Hi everyone..i've been away this weekend my DH took me for a little out of town trip for our anniversry we had a great time!i have finnished the little bird from my other post she turned out well i will post her new look later tonight and some other pics too of something else i have been working on
Its been so hot here today i feel like im going to melt..yuck lol


rustymermaid said...

Hi Heather thanks to you for stopping by my blog also,
[it is a small world for sure ]I love your little blue bird now that it's finished too.
Cheers Barbara.

H.D. Campbell said...

Thanks barbara :)

Wyanne said...

The little blue bird is so sweet and incredibly beautiful. So glad you signed up for my class. We are going to have so much fun. Love, Wyanne

H.D. Campbell said...

yes we are Wyanne!if anyone wants to explore some classes that are very different in nature to the normal ones we see out there in cyber land go check out Wyannes site