Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Paper Stacks

I'm looking forward to September 21st...
My Face book friend Seth Apter from The Altered Page posted a beautiful picture last week of a stack of papers and books.When I seen this I thought how just a simple picture could be so powerful .The papers all painted,one group tied with a ribbon were inviting to look at,If you were able to unstack them I'm sure you would find many little treasures.That made me think of how many artists have their own stacks of papers on tables,book selves and desks and I know that they would be just as interesting to see so I made a comment or blurted out a suggestion to him for us to share ours with him and all of you,He is very kind and agreed so please go to his site and join in! Get stacking!

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Seth said...

Thanks for the great suggestion Heather. A lot of people have signed on already and this will no doubt be a lot of fun!