Monday, August 29, 2011

Doodle map

Thought I would share a little project with you! This morning i was going through some paper i had stashed and found a few sheets of ingress paper,Ive never tried it with watercolors and thought what the heck lets give it a whirl! I tore down a sheet into small pieces and splashed watercolors on and let the color flow where it wanted and let it dry

I came back a little bit later and took a long look and thought that it kinda looked like a map..hmmm
What if I outlined all the little shapes of color?  I grabbed my favorite pen and just went with it... I did not really think about it to much I just started at one corner and doodled away and sipped my coffee :)

This was allot of fun i think ill have to do some more but bigger! and include some hand stitching to add texture.You can use whatever colors that appeal to you and doodle what you see I think that's the best part of it everyone see's something different..have fun :)

doodle map


Carol said...

Just gorgeous! And so is the repeat pattern making. I'm enjoying exploring your blog.

H.D. Campbell said...

Thankyou Carol for your sweet comment!

Patti said...

What a cool map - better than any I've seen:)