Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ohh an award!

i just noticed this award given to me! how sweet!!!
its from rowen at http://rowandevoe.blogspot.com/
thankyou very much im to pass it along but with so many wondeful blogs out there ill have to think for a day or two to make a list


EllesHarbor said...

Hi ~ I just discovered your blog (thru Suziblu!). I thought your "Happy Monday" post was wonderful! (I can relate). Also, "Ocean Dreamer" is amazing! Don't know if you share your email, but, I'd love to chat more about the painting. Also, thanks for listing Milliande under Artists That Inspire - I'm having a great time at the website! (I don't have a blog, yet. A wonderful artist friend probably wants to say to me once again - where is your blog?!!) Hope to chat with you more ~ Laurie

H.D. Campbell said...

Hi laurie and thanks for stopping by and your kind comments!
please feel free to email me at
buca1ca@gmail.com i would love to hear from you
take care

RowanDevoe said...

You are welcome! I am not a consistant blogger by any means. I love your new art journal! Good luck with your etsy store too!
take care,