Friday, September 19, 2008

busy busy!

well being busy is good but i forget to update this blog! i have been making new little birds ..yellow ones and magenta ones.. oh and of course in blues and greens,also i purchased a domain for my website that will be up and running very soon.. I'm very excited about that,there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to get all i want done and working from home seems to lead to some distractions, I know one day ill have the studio i always wanted to work in or"go to" it will happen i just have to be patient but that wont stop me from daydreaming about what it will be like :) I did receive my order i put into Dick Blicks the other day,more canvas's and aquabords,a shadow box {to try a new idea} ohh and a tin of 40 neocolour II water pastels ,i had a set of 10 that i loved.. but i felt i really deserved a bigger tin :) they were on sale and how could i pass that up ? some women drool over shoes or clothes..i drool over art supplies and studio spaces on flicker,I have to give my DH credit for letting me do such things, when i first moved here he really thought a art supply store was harmless or cheaper than letting me spend time in a mall shopping..hmm not so anymore,he asked me what i wanted for Christmas last year{our first together} and i sweetly said "oh just the big tin of watercolour pastels" 120 count that is ,well this was fine until he realized this would cost over $200.00 now he knows "box of crayons" is not what its cracked up to be :) BUT they are still cheaper than a fancy pair of shoes...i know he will read this.. i love you dear!♥
I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Sarah E. said...

I so enjoy your color palette, rather one of my faves! In particular, I also REALLY like your header pic -- quite lovely!

H.D. Campbell said...

hi sara thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

Lauren said...

i saw your bird on your website -- so pretty! will you post more of them? would love to see the other colors too.