Monday, October 17, 2011

Automatic Journal

Automatic writing journal..what is it you ask? A place to write thoughts good and bad ,doubts and wishes. To do or not to do lists or pretty much anything floating around your head that will probably not make sense to anyone but you. A journal to express those repressed purge your mind so you can think more clear and move on. The journal I'm using is a hand bound one with watercolor and stone henge papers hand sewn with a codex binding so it will lay flat and has the look of a Coptic bound book but much faster to make...Try some automatic writing for yourself its quite freeing!


Diana Trout {} said...

beautiful book, Heather. did you make it? I will have to look up codec binding. Thanks!

H.D. Campbell said...

I did make it. Ill send you a link its a video

kate Bedell said...

This is beautiful! I'd be interested in seeing the link too. I did a short course on book making and would love to see an alternative that was easier, especially for journal writing. So glad you liked my video on Sun Goddess! Do stay in touch! Kate x