Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Video

Hi everyone..The other day my new camera broke! But i was able to have it replaced thank goodness
and i was able to use the video i was working on that i saved to the SD card.This is a new piece I'm working on called Sea Of Silk so far I've done the basic layout of the silk that my camera is back i can continue filming some of the process


Anonymous said...

You did it! Wahoo! Good job Heather! Xoxo

H.D. Campbell said...

Thankyou Sugar! Nice to see you here xox

Trudi Sissons said...

Thanks for this Heather - I really love the concept and will be putting it in my list of things to experiment with - each day it gets longer and longer, thanks to people like you who share their techniques!
Also thanks for the idea for the paper stacks!

H.D. Campbell said...

Thankyou Trudi I would love to see some of your experiments!