Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Books Paper paint

Well ive been busy learning a few new things,book binding for one and i have learned three very good bindings to work with all the different papers/projects i have been playing with.One is the coptic binding the other is a way to bind single sheets together with covers and a very simple codex binding,I can see so many ways to use these with the smaller works on paper and binders board and textile/paper pages..I will have to take a few pics to show you soon..I have so many Ideas in my head for artworks and for this blog

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Megan Hoover said...

I took Mary Ann Moss's class and still haven't finished my book...I bought some book binding tools but haven't used them yet. Love it if you posted some pics of the things you are talking about...I need help!! (or maybe it's just that I need more hours in the day? :)