Friday, January 2, 2009

new year

happy belated new year!

i haven't updated for a long time but i will get back into the swing of things ..
somethings that have gone on for why i haven't posted.i have not been feeling well for awhile
health probs have left me drained and concerned about my well being,i have not felt involved in my work or blogging as of late but I'm sure this will pass

disappointment's in a class i took has me wondering why i took it, i felt abandoned in a way,
sure, i learned a few things but i think i could have done all of it on my own,I took the class to belong to a group of others who wanted to learn the same thing and to have "class mates" to bounce ideas off of, but that did not happen as the other two in the class chose not to post in the forum so i was on my own in a way,oh well they say hindsight is 20/20.........
enough of that...

Santa was good to me and brought me a Julian french full box easel and prisma coloured pencils
and also some Rembrandt soft pastels....thanks know who you are ♥{now I'm afraid to get paint on it!}
i have been messing around with a cool cell phone too a LG Shine its a little confusing but i think i got it now thanks to my daughter who got one for Christmas too shes now a texting guru..but i beat her to understanding "bluetoothing" pictures and music to and from my PC... So HA mommy wins! i took some quick pics with my phone of things on my desk so ill put them up in the next post
hugs to all


Genie said...

Happy New Year, and welcome back.
hope 2009 gets you back to good health,

H.D. Campbell said...

thanks genie..:)